Celebrating 3 Years of Marketing Workshops with SCORE San Luis Obispo

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This month I celebrated 3 years of presenting social media and website marketing workshops as a guest of the San Luis Obispo Chapter of SCORE (the Service Corps. Of Retired Executives Association).  To celebrate, I brought doughnuts for my students.  Here, I’m pictured eating the lone survivor (not for long!!). 

3 year anniversary with SCORE is the doughnut anniversary
I gave my first workshop as a guest of SCORE in January 2014.  At that time my workshop was only a 45 minute segment in there three hour workshop on marketing. I was one of three presenters and all of our elements was targeted at marketing for small businesses and start-ups in San Luis Obispo County.  Here is a photo of the three of us:

But the surveys and feedback we received from the workshop attendees all begged for more of me!  So next came a workshop of just me (still as a guest of SCORE because after all I am not a retired executive and really not in a place to be a mentor) where I tried to fit in social media, SEO, and websites all into one 3-hour workshop, but that was too much information to put into one workshop and the feedback that I was receiving was that it made people’s heads spin.  Sorry folks!!  Then the San Luis Obispo SCORE board and I talked it over and decided to split my workshop into two: one specifically for social media which would look at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other similar platforms, and the second workshop which I would develop to look primarily at search engine optimization (SEO) and website marketing elements like keywords and Google+.  A SCORE mentor is at every workshop with me to talk about SCORE and also help talk about overarching marketing elements like USP (unique selling position) and niche.  My Buddy for the past year+ now has been Wade Schuette and he’s fantastic!  This is Wade at our workshop (and when you read this Wade, you owe me a picture of us together):

Over these three years I have helped hundreds of local business owners with their social media marketing strategy and it feel awesome (but not #awesome and if you don’t get that joke come to my social media marketing workshop and ask me why).

If I have helped you, please remember that the workshop was free for you thanks to the many sponsors and volunteers of SCORE. You can pay it back by leaving a review for me (or SCORE) on Google – no Google+ account required, just Google Maps app in your phone.  Here’s how: (1) search “Chicadita” in Google Maps on your mobile device and tap on my business when it comes up; (2) tap on my star rating; (3) give me a star rating in the empty grey stars; (4) write a comment if you choose and/or post!

Or you can pay it forward by sharing these great, free workshops with others in the community – you never know who is in need of these resources!

Click here for upcoming SCORE workshops (including mine).

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