LinkedIn Marketing

how to use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not just a job board or a living resume, it is a respected source of information about you and your company.

  • LinkedIn users enjoy reading blogs and articles. They typically have far better click-through rates than from other social media channels.
  • We want to know what is happening with your business.

Company branding gets the most engagement.

  • LinkedIn is used by professionals, so unlike Facebook, people want your brand information here without having to wrap it up with a cute social element.

LinkedIn is my favorite social media platform.  So much so, that I created a three-hour workshop just on self-promotion via LinkedIn.  Of all of the social media platforms, LinkedIn users have the highest average annual income, and it’s the fastest way to reach top-level decision makers.   LinkedIn’s niche in social media is chief officers and executives and working business professionals looking to network with one another for the purposes of company advocacy, industry insight, and career advancement.  To leverage these opportunities on LinkedIn, a user must know how to both promote themselves to their target audience while following the rules of engagement and utilize the technology of the platform without the fear of making a mistake in front of their peers, leads, clients, or superiors.  As with any social medium, the LinkedIn Corporation has provided many tools and services that evolve constantly and all of which are subject to change at any time, which has left many users and potential users of the platform bewildered and frustrated.   As a LinkedIn expert in Paso Robles, I understand the rules of engagement of self-promotion within a professional setting, such as LinkedIn, the different tools within LinkedIn for self-promotion, and best practices for leveraging the various tools for the purposes of company advocacy as a business owner or sales representative and for career advancement as an individual.

LinkedIn Services

LinkedIn Profile Writing

  • From your latest resume and a few conversations, I can build an entirely new profile for you.  This includes writing your biography, filling in the details of career moves and education, designing graphics to showcase projects, requesting recommendations and endorsements, joining groups, sending connection requests, summary writing, link population, and more.

SEO (search engine optimization) for LinkedIn Profiles

  • LinkedIn uses it’s own search engine to filter through users.  Your profile needs to be optimized so that the right connections find you!  A profile should be optimized for your target audience, not your competition, so I’ll work with you to discover your target for your business and re-write your profile content based on researched keywords.

LinkedIn Email Message Marketing

  • There are multiple ways to reach your connections on and off of LinkedIn.  I can help you create a campaign best suited to your goals and needs without violating the tems of use of LinkedIn or annoying your connections.  Emails on LinkedIn are extremely valuable because LinkedIn guarantee opens.  A typical email campaign off of LinkedIn may have only a 3% open rate, but this varies by industry.  Don’t waste your energy on people who won’t read your message!

LinkedIn Group Engagement

  • Groups on LinkedIn are an easily forgotten method of social media marketing.  I’ll help you target the best groups for your business based on your target audience.  This typically starts with local groups and understanding who is best suited to your product and/or service.  Joining a group full of your competition doesn’t serve you.  I’ll write conversations starters for your groups and help you monitor the progess of your message.

Advanced Connection Filtering and Targeting

  • This is one of my favorite parts of being a LinkedIn expert!  LinkedIn has so many search filters and tools to help you connect with the right people and I understand these tools.  I’ll help you narrow down your search for the right candidates so that you can connect with key decision makers who will want to hire you, buy your products, sponsor your business, and more!

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