SEO Audit

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is somewhat of an art form; it takes technology and metrics working side by side with creative writing and communication skills. If you are just get started with SEO or you’ve been at it for a while and feel like you aren’t making any traction, it might be time for an SEO Audit.

In an SEO Audit, I will take a look at the keywords already programmed into your site and suggest which ones to focus on along with new suggested words base on volume and your niche. I will also take a look at other “on site” SEO tools like meta and alt tags, saturation, and use of keyword strings.

SEO involves some “off site” tactics, too. The most common off site SEO tactic is backlinks as they relate to your Page Rank score. Competitors are also part of an off site SEO Audit.

My SEO Audit includes:

  • Review of mobile friendliness;
  • Review of 5 on-site keywords and feedback on what is/isn’t working;
  • Suggestions of new keywords from Google based on volume and niche;
  • Backlink and Page Rank check;
  • Review of website tags;
  • Summary of findings with tips and suggestions on actionable next steps to improve your ranking.

This audit is for existing websites and does not include any social media tactics in the review.