Pinterest Marketing

how to use pinterest

Pinterest makes searching and sharing photos fun and easy.

  • Most Pinterest users love the platform for the way information is presented – don’t break the trust.
  • It is a place for ideas to be presented visually
    • Infographics
    • Quotes
    • Crafts and DIY

Create Boards with themes and “Rich” Pins.

  • Photo Pins should have keywords in the description and link to your website.

Pinterest Services

Create a Pinterest Account

  • I can create a complete Pinterest account including Boards and Rich Pins to start you off.  Re-pins are necessary to gain traffic to any Pinterest account, so I will also include re-pins with your original Rich Pins.

Join Pinterest Groups

  • Joining groups on Pinterest is a great way to gain more visibility.  Gaining entrance into groups has become more and more tricky as the popularity of the platform has increased.  I will get you into some relevant groups to help you gain more visibility.