Lacey A. Clifton-Jensen, MSEd

Lacey CliftonI received my Master’s of Education and Bachelor’s Degrees from Old Dominion University in Virginia, where I graduated with Summa Cum Laude among other honors. Additionally, I was recognized with a Faculty Award of Excellence for my performance at the university. I greatly enjoy learning environments, as both a student and a teacher, keeping me ahead of changes in social media platforms and fueling my passion to teach others.
I’m a communicator of stories, ideas, and passions. Some of my communication is done on stage, through the lights, sounds, and spectacle of live theatre, something I have had in my life since I was 6, but most of my communication happens through dynamic online media. I take company visions and give them a story, I detail product functionality into something consumers can connect with, I give brands an identity.

But I am not your average “think outside of the box” marketer. I am proactive in my life and my career with an internal dialogue of motivation. I am creative, but I expect quantity, quality, and completion.

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Lacey Clifton-Jensen’s Instructional Design and Educational Technology Portfolio

My Leadership:

As a Stage Manager, I have led the collaboration of design teams, overseen rehearsal and performances for casts as large as 26, and managed crews operating audio, video, curtain, and specialty lighting elements. The stage manager is the first to arrive, the last to leave, and always the go-to for any emergency.

My Experience:

My blogs and articles have been published on high-traffic sites, often ranking within the top five stories for extended periods of time.

I have written works published in magazine and newspapers, with multiple cover-story features.

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Lacey’s Personality Traits:

Worktraits Behavioral Style: TDFnE

  • T = Tracker, Detail Oriented
  • D = Decision Maker, Leader
  • F = Facilitator, Patient
  • n = average barometer marker
  • E = Encourager, People Person

My behavioral style demonstrates I am extremely detail oriented.  I figure problems out and go through procedures step-by-step.  And although I am one of the most patient people you will ever meet, I am a leader and not a follower.  This means I listen before I act.

Worktraits Core Convictions: ADBnC

  • A = Ambitious, Achiever
  • D = Disciplined, Goal Oriented
  • B = Believer, Ethical
  • n = average barometer marker
  • C = Compassionate, Dedicated

My core convictions align well with my behavioral style.  A good leader should be an achiever, which I am.  I have far more awards than you will see on this portfolio.  And I am able to achieve my goals because I am very disciplined.  I am an internally driven individual, but am well balanced with a belief in being ethical.  I believe it is those with ambition without discipline who fail, and those with ambition without ethics who turn into mad scientists.

My Hobbies

I spend nearly all of my free-time with my animals.  I have three miniature goats, two very spoiled cats, and one rock-star dog.

4 weeks service puppy


Japanese Tri Color Cat

two goats

one goat

I also enjoy genealogy and joined the Daughters of the American Revolution in 2015 after discovering a headstone in my lineage with a bronze plaque bearing their insignia and the words “Real Daughter.”  I feel very honored to have ancestors who were on the Mayflower, too!  I’m also a crafter if/when I have time for things like scrapbooking, candlemaking, sumi-e, and quilting.

american vs japaneseWith so many animals and volunteer activities, I don’t travel much these days, but I used to live in Japan and I’ve been to London, Paris, Florence, Rome, and Thailand.

Feeding Elephants in Thailand