Instagram Marketing

Instagram is rapidly increasing in popularity among a younger demographic and those in the art and health industries. Hashtags are more popular here than on any other social media platform. Pictures with filters are used to tell a story and the only link you get is the one in your profile, which can make this a difficult platform to see a good Return on Investment (ROI).

Now that Instagram is owned by Facebook, more integration features have been added including simultaneous posting and cross-platform stories.

Instagram Services

Instagram Account Creation and Integration

  • If you’re ready to jump into Instagram, I can help you set up a new account and integrate it with your Facebook account foe simultaneous posting and the use of cross-platform stories. New accounts include an avatar and bio along with following other relevant accounts to get you started on gaining followers.

Instagram Social Media Posts

  • Creating Instagram posts is one of the projects I do most often for clients. This can be part of a monthly social media calendar, or I can create posts especially for Instagram. Instagram posts also require hashtag research to get the most engagement and reach (views). Hashtags can be used in-line with the text or added to the bottom of a post. I like to use both methods to make the posts as user-friendly as possible while gaining the most traction for you.

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