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Looking for social media services for your small business in San Luis Obispo county?  You’ve come to the right place!  Lacey is a master at all things social media and even gives workshops with the San Luis Obispo chapter of the SCORE Association.  SCORE volunteers are typically retired business experts who mentor new entrepreneurs, but finding a retired social media expert isn’t possible just yet, so they called on Lacey to present.

Lacey Clifton offers a full spectrum of social media services and website SEO.  Some clients prefer to have full-service solutions asking Lacey to manage everything from writing blogs and creating social media graphics and post plans where all they need to do is offer approval each month.  Busy business owners not interested in learning marketing prefer this solution.  These services include:

  • Keyword research
  • Blog wordsmithing
  • Website copywriting
  • Social media post plans
  • Social media graphics creation
  • Google Analytics analysis
  • Radio commericals
  • Print ad graphics
  • Google+ account creation
  • YouTube video optimization
  • Press Release writing and distribution
  • Facebook Ads management

Small start-ups and entrepreneurs on a budget typically look for the “teach me to fish” approach to their social media and ask Lacey to teach them how to navigate social presence and help them find their voice.  Service often include:

  •  Monthly coaching sessions
  • Cover art graphic creation
  • Facebook account setup
  • Google+ account setup
  • Lessons on how to post (mechanics) for Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, etc.
  • Engagement strategy sessions
  • Audience analysis
  • WordPress tutorials
  • Google Analytics installation


Download the pricing menu of social media services on Lacey’s new website by clicking here (look for the form at the bottom of the page).

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facebook san luis obispo Facebook

Businesses big and small have to be on Facebook now because today’s savvy consumer expects it, but navigating the algorithms on this social media giant isn’t all that easy.  Wait, algorithms?!?  Yes, Facebook judges your posts to determine their value and that determines how many people will see it.  Most businesses average about 3% , but with the right content it’s possible to average much higher with spikes at over 60%.  Learn more about social media marketing on Facebook here.

google+ san luis obispo Google+

Google dominates the World Wide Web, and their new social media platform, Google+, has set a new standard in social media.  It may feel like another Facebook, but the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) it offers surpasses every other platform.  Plus, it allows you to display your image next to search results, generating a higher click ratio, and even jump the line in page rank with optimized content.  Learn more about Search Engine Optimization, Authorship, and getting social with Google+ here.

twitter san luis obispo Twitter

A little birdie may have told you that Twitter is the place to be for website traffic, but the truth of the matter is that Twitter isn’t right for every type of business.  If you want to be seen as an industry leader, have time sensitive information, and can handle the volume, Twitter can have a lot to offer with little effort.  After all, a tweet is only 140 characters at most.  Learn more about Tweet-worthy marketing on Twitter here.

linkedin san luis obispo LinkedIn

LinkedIn is so much more than a resume site. It offers small business owners the chance to network with others within their industry and communicate with C-level executives and decision makers. LinkedIn users trust information presented here, giving LinkedIn some if the best conversion stats in the realm of social media. Learn more about the opportunities of LinkedIn here.

youtube san luis obispo YouTube

As the world’s second largest search engine, YouTube is a platform that can’t be ignored when it comes to marketing and brand recognition. Videos don’t need to be a big-budget production to rank on YouTube, but there are a few things that are needed to work within Google’s YouTube algorithms. Learn more about venturing into dynamic media with YouTube here.

pinterest san luis obispo Pinterest

Pinterest may have a smaller audience than some of the other social media giants, but users are obsessed with this graphic social interface. Like Twitter, Pinterest may not fit every business, but retailers and anyone with a target audience of younger women will find Pinterest to be a perfect fit. Learn more about Boards, Pins, and the prose of Pinterest here.

instagram Instagram

Like Pinterest, Instagram is a graphic platform for social media marketing, but the audience gravitates towards different images. Instagram is much more candid, but also more demanding for fresh content. It may not be the platform to start with, but leveraging it can put you in touch with a few niche markets. Learn more about Instagram and pleasing its demanding consumers here.

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