YouTube Marketing

how to use YouTube

YouTube is owned by Google and is now fully integrated with Google accounts, but it continues to function as a stand-alone search platform.  YouTube is popular with people who want fast, easy-to-digest content, tutorials, and demonstrations.

Why is YouTube so important in your social media marketing strategy?

YouTube is a video hosting site with a social element and amazing SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  In fact, YouTube Search Engine Optimization is so good that it is the second leading search engine in the world!

I help my clients with their YouTube video production, editing, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  It’s so important to understand that if you want to build traffic to your website, you need to be leveraging YouTube because it has such great SEO properties, more than any other social medium. 

What types of content work on YouTube?

You can post videos that demonstrate your items, give a tour of your facility, teach, educate, or answer a question.  And of course, funny cat videos are popular, too.  And videos don’t need a crew to create!  You can use your smartphone as it already has an outstanding camera built into it.  Just turn your phone horizontally to work with the wide-screen format of YouTube, and record away!  Anything you want to embed on your website or another social media platform work well on YouTube for marketing, too.  For example, interviews outperform any other type of post on LinkedIn.  You could set up a mock interview and set up a tripod to hold your phone, then record it and post it to YouTube, then share it to LinkedIn. 

If you’re still struggling with ideas of what to make videos of, book a strategy session with me and I can help you make a list of videos to create!


YouTube Marketing Services for SEO and Social

Video Recording

Need help with content or just want to have a friendly face behind the camera?  I can help you generate a topic, create a script, and help you record it.

Video Editing

I do a lot of video editing for my clients for YouTube marketing.  I can help crop out the “ums” that are inevitable in any recording and create a cover and/or ending screen for you and edit out the other mistakes or overly long pauses. 

Video Posting

Have a video but not sure how to get it on YouTube?  No problem!  Not only can I edit for you, but I can get it posted for you, too.  I include Search Engine Optimization when I post videos.  I can also create a preview screen and an ending pop-up to encourage subscriptions.

Search Engine Optimization

A lot of content needs to be written for videos going onto YouTube.  This is the most important step and many people are so exhausted by the process of making the video that they skip it entirely.  I can write content to post with your video along with lots of keyword tags to help you gain visibility through the ‘noise’ of so may competing videos.  I’ll pick a focus keyword and write your content to suit. 

Video Embedding and Sharing

Once a video is posted, you may want to embed it on your website or share it to your other social media channels.  I can help with that.  Embedding a video on most websites isn’t hard these days, but some sites (especially older sites) can still make it tricky to get the video to work.  You’ll also want to set up a playlist of other similar videos to be suggested when your finishes playing.


My Social Media Workshop Videos on YouTube

I have a lot of videos available on YouTube on different topics.  Subscribe to my channel here and be sure to see the others not listed here.