How to Setup Google Analytics, Google Webmaster / Search Console, and Free Google AdWords

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Small business owners know they need a website to get their brand out into the world, but many don’t know how to start or what they’ll need. Many have heard of Google Analytics, but I see too many wait to install it. If you have a website, there is no better time to install Google Analytics than yesterday, so take the second best option and install it today. Once you have the code installed, Google can start pulling and saving data for you, which means in 6 months you’ll be able to see where you started, how things have changed, and which changes were effective.

My Google Analytics Workshop often has the most questions during the setup stage, so I’ve created a video to walk you through everything I go over in this part of the workshop. The important piece here is to understand that there are 3 different platforms that all work together to give you data: Google Analytics, Google Webmaster (now becoming known as Search Console), and Google AdWords. You’ll want all three and I prefer to set them up at the same time. If you already have one but not all three, you can still set up the rest.

Google Analytics is the keystone piece. Analytics can be used to verify other Google properties. It will need to be verified first before verifying the Webmaster/Search Console and AdWords.

In the video, I will show you how to include data from Search Console and AdWords into Analytics. I will also show you the key to setting up an AdWords account without having to pay for an ad. AdWords has free tools like keyword research tools which are very, very helpful in setting up a website with good SEO value.

Are you ready to begin? Watch the video below on how to setup Google Analytics with Search Console and AdWords. Remember that you may pause the video and go back to see areas where you have difficulty in setting up Google Analytics, Webmaster/Search Console, and AdWords. Also, keep in mind that these platforms change almost every day, so some of the buttons and links may use different (but similar) wording. For example, right now AdWords has “Expert Mode” but last month it was “Skip Campaigns” – both were an all-blue text link at the bottom of the page.

If you have questions, be sure to leave a comment. If you don’t want to learn how to do all of this, it is something you may hire me for. Many business owners choose not to learn how to setup something that is only done once, and I completely understand that line of thinking. My pricing menu is available here.

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