Marlowe the DIY Service Dog

marlowe-4weeks-puppy 4 weeks service puppy    On July 3, 2014, a litter of 9 puppies were born to a New Zealand Heading Dog named Roxie.  4 weeks later, the puppies started to receive visitors for adoption and this little guy passed the tests to go into service dog training.
But this isn’t a service puppy being going off to a kennel at a service dog boarding school.  Marlowe will be a Do It Yourself (DIY) service dog.  Why?  Because “receiving” a service dog from a “non-profit” in California would cost about $30,000.  Personally, I don’t consider that structure to be a program for people in need, and all service dog owners are people in need.
So if you are looking to learn more about doing a DIY service dog project, read on and be sure to come back as I’ll be adding more as Marlowe and I learn (together) all of the ins and outs of training your own service dog.

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  • Valley Fever in Dogs

  • Service Dogs vs. Emotional Support Dogs

  • Puppy Selection

  • Trainer Selection

  • Navigating the Paperwork

  • DIY Service Dog Training

  • Explaining a DIY Service Dog to the Public