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Ask Me About My Tempur-Pedic : Website Failure

tempur-failAfter herniating the disc between my L4 and L5 vertebrae when I was 19, sleeping became more difficult for me than it already was, so I decided with my settlement money to buy the best bed I could. After sleeping on someone else’s Tempur-Pedic, I had my heart set on one.

Do I love the bed? Yes, actually. I sometimes wish it was a tad softer. The display models are soft because they get ‘walked on’ a lot, which is how you are supposed to ‘break-in’ your new bed. I bought mine in 2009. I understand now they make a softer topper for the bed. But the bed isn’t my issue. It’s the company that irritates me.

With as much as they charge for their beds, I’d like to have some customer service. Or maybe a website that works. I have such a hard time understanding how they charge so much per bed but have had and continue to still have a website that doesn’t work. If I go to look up buying a new mattress protector, there is a big color ad that says something about a ’10 year warranty – click here.’ I click and am taken to a page that says: (more…)

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