My Yukata (The Kimono Looking Thing)

As you’ve probably seen from my profile, I have a new Yukata. It looks like a kimono, but really isn’t. Kimonos are silk and carry high price tags. I will get one someday, but I need to come down from the $4,000 tag
before I can decide on one. What I’m wearing in my pictures is made of cotton, with a quick-bow obi (the pink belt). The sleeves on all Yukatas are short because they’re meant to be worn during the summer when it’s baking outside. Traditionally, young gals wear these while out with their boyfriend watching the fireworks (which are somewhere every weekend in Japan in the summer). On a normal kimono, short sleeves are only for married women.

Purple Cotton Kimono, Purple Yukata

The earrings and hair goodies are also cotton and made from Yukata fabric. I think they’re very cute. I also have all the undergarments on, which include about 3 ties hidden under the obi. I decided to get the whole set-up. The sandals are just plastic and cheap, but they were thrown in with the deal I got for buying everything at once. They’re a bit small (I hate all Japanese women for their small shoe sizes) but I can at least pose for pictures in them. I’ll find something wooden next summer that I can wear and actually
walk around in.

Japanese Yukata on American

So anyway, that’s the Yukata in a nut shell. I know a lot of you like these cultural updates, so I thought I’d share.

I know I haven’t done a phrase-of-the-day in a while, either, so here are a few key words you may hear me say when I’m back home again …

“so” … yes, it is.

“so so so” … yes, yes, I agree.

“neh?” … really? or huh?

and a fun one to say …

“doko” … where? This is one I use a lot sliced into my English just because it’s fun. Especially when I’m looking for me keys.


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