Fuji-San Hike

So this weekend I finally did it, I hiked Fuji.  I’ve got lots of great pictures to show you all, but only 1/2 are digital, so you’ll have to wait a few more days for all the pics, but here are a few tid-bits for those who can’t wait, here are some details and pics:

Two Packs on Mt. Fuji in JapanAfter a 2 hour train ride (switching trains 3 times) and a 1 hour bus ride, we arrived a Fuji and bought ourselves some hiking sticks.  These are very popular here because you can pay to have a wood burned “stamp” put on your pole at almost every station.

Shrine Bells on Mt. Fuji-SanWe hiked the Subida/Subashiri-guchi trail starting at staion 5.  Most people start at 5 as it’s still a long way up from there, look at the photos below, which are us 1 hour above station 5.  We were so exhausted after the first day of hiking that we decided not to finish to the peak.  Fuji is very rocky, and very steep, and we brought large, full packs with us.  You can’t set up a tent on Fuji, but someone else really wanted to go as rugged as possible, so we brought tarps to make a shelter, and a stove and all our own food and water.

Lacey Chicadita on Mt. FujiMost people brought lighter packs and slept in the shelters and bought food there.  The shelters ever provide sleeping bags, which I didn’t think they did.  I really wanted to watch the sunrise from the summit, but watching it from station 8 was just as nice at 4:45am.  Lots of people did the same thing.

Sunrise from Station 8 on Mt. Fuji

That’s it for now!  I need some R&R before I head out to get my film developed, but it will be up soon!

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